The GRC Association referred to the Association, implements a code of ethics when conducting operational activities. Here the following code of ethics:

1. Association Community

    • Accept the national pillars: Pancasila, UUD 1945, NKRI, and Bhinneka Tunggal Ika.
    • Embrace and comply with the applicable law and regulations.
    • Obey the articles of associations and articles by law in each of the Association’s activities.

2. The relation among member in the Association Community

    • Respect each other and do not degrade the dignity of fellow association member
    • Strive to arrange the negotiation for consensus that is beneficial to fellow Association members.
    • Complement and Support each other for developing expertise in GRC and other fields.

3. The relation between the support and the non-community members

    • Build the interaction that giving a benefit in the GRC field
    • Strive to protect the interest of Association

4. The affiliation to the nation

    • Participate in developing the community empowerment
    • Provide ideas and suggestions to the Government and other state institutions in the context of developing GRC practices in Indonesia

5. Violation of the code of ethics

    • Honorary Board formed by the Supervisor will investigate the violation of the code of ethics
    • Sanctions to be given according to the recommendations of the investigation’s results based on the provisions of AD/ART.